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About Varied / Student Etna Santacreu27/Female/Spain Groups :iconthecity-oct: TheCity-OCT
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School - Wave
At last we were allowed to work on effects and we were free to animate whatever we wanted that fell into that category. For the longest time I've been fascinated by waves' motion and I wanted to give it a try.

33 frames and some scanning later... I had it! While flipping the frames as I worked it looked well, but once you have all them run sometimes frames that looked good need some tweaking here and there, thankfully it wasn't the case.

I might clean it up and color it in the future, but for now I hope you enjoy the pencil lines!
OneShot Game - He depends on you
This little gif is for NightMargin to celebrate today's release of the game on Steam c: good job, Night!!

Niko and OneShot belong to :iconnightmargin:
Gif by me
Animated with Flash, SAI and Photoshop
School - Drummer Robot loop
This robot was a traditional animation class exercise. We were to design and animate a robot through layers, having elements of it moving in different amount of frames.

The visor is a loop of 12 frames, the drumming arms are a loop of 6 frames, and the eye is a loop of 3 frames.

Here you can see the whole process, from pencil, to clean up, to colours. Speaking of colours, Flash sure loves to mess up with the colours of imported gif XD; but I don't dislike the result. Here you can see how the colours actually look like.
School - Zoetrope
Phew, it's been a good while since I last uploaded something, hasn't it?

I'm now taking Animation (a 2 years long course) and among the first things we've done (aside from basic exercices over at 2D class and some shameful ones over at stopmotion class) this is one I'm quite proud of! We were to make a 9 frames long loop to have it played on a zoetrope.

Since I was itching to try something interesting and I had been watching to a rotoscoped anime opening for days, I tried to imitate my hand's swaying motion. Keep in mind this isn't traced from a previously recorded video, I eyeballed the motion and drew it on a strip of bristol XD

I hope to post more stuff as the year goes on and more interesting stuff pops up! Until then, take care!
OC - Philippe
You guys are going to grow so tired of seeing him I swear XD

A few months back DarkKitsunegirl prompted to draw every of our OCs and I thought "yeah that's a cool idea", cue to being September and I haven't drawn a single one 8'D

So to start here you have a Philippe bust! I'll try drawing a new bust at least once a week from now on until I complete them all... I think I might make a The Sharing Room batch sometime in the future as not to clog your inboxes, since they're quite a lot including all the chess pieces!

The Sharing Room and Philippe belong to me
How long have you been on DeviantArt?
According to my profile information, I've been a member since April 20th, 2006, making it 9 years here!

What does your username mean?
Fluna comes from "Fox" and "Luna" and it was the name of a character of mine coughkindaselfinsertofastoryofminecough; of course I ripped the name away from her and now it's mine (don't worry, I gave her a new one XD ).

Describe yourself in three words.

According to DarkKitsunegirl : loyal, artist, trooper (I suck at describing myself if you didn't know by now XD ).

Are you left or right handed?

Lefty powered here! 8U

What was your first deviation?

Trainers from my own region by Fluna
I wish this wasn't the first thing I posted oh my gosh the colours are hideous Dx!! Oh well, we all start somewhere. In other to cleanse your eyeballs, here, enjoy my second ever deviation:

Ruby-Saphire Legendary Place by Fluna

What is your favourite type of art to create?

Good question... I'd say illustrations whether they are original or fanart, traditional or digital. Of course I tend to lean more towards digital mostly because I spent most of my time on my computer and I don't have room on my desk to work with pencils (ah man I miss pencils... I need to get back to using them).

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Not an art style, but I'd love to instantly master drawing cool bgs I have in mind... like to replicate them in all detail possible without having to struggle. I've come a long way during these 9 years, I used to have a great hatred towards backgrounds now I can tolerate them and sometimes even have fun with them.

What was your first favourite?

Let's see what I first faved back then...

sunset by mightyflup
It's still a really nice picture and I'd fav it again now. Good job me from 9 years ago, I see our tastes aren't all that different. 

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Quite sure is Pokémon fanart with a side of friend's OCs (love me some OCs).

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Uhhhhh... UUUHHHHHHH.... I don't know D: there are a lot of artists I know for various reasons--- oh look another question down below 8'D

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

All my friends, whether I talk to them a lot or once in a while *makes heart with hands* though I'm thankful to have met with a good bunch of them such as isouru, Siplick, EVANGELION-02, rtres, sky665, carmendee, DarkKitsunegirl, GNZG, Inokoo, Dansome0203, Tuz-oh, and more! Wow I didn't realise how many of you guys I had managed to meet so far with ;3; <3

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

I'm sorry man, I know your inbox must be flooded by notifications BUT IT'S YOUR FAULT I FOUND OCTS. Not like you knew me back then or anything, but finding your animation for EZ's finale on the frontpage was how I learnt about OCTs on the first place, and thanks to that and wanting to join one myself (and auditioning for a whole bunch of them in the span on 6 months) I met with really good friends over the chatrooms, one of them being DarkKitsunegirl who is now sitting in my livingroom c:

After the ramble, Unknown-person is who collaretally impacted my life the most.

What are your preferred tools to create art?

Most convenient: Wacom Bamboo tablet, Photoshop and PaintTool SAI.
Most soothing: pencil, inking pens, colored pencils.

I also like a lot to use SuperSculpey to model stuff and from time to time to sew up plushes and stuff.

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

My room with my headphones on while playing over and over the same song / music album (according to a teacher of mine, the replaying of a song / album over and over serves as a sort of mantra to zone out and get to my creative place).

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
I have two actually both of them related to EscapeFromNevara's chatroom (the first OCT I tried for that wasn't Pokémon related).
I remember going to the chatroom and see everyone happily chatting and welcoming anyone who decided to land in there (werewolfmali was the first one to welcome me) and I kept seeing everyone say "wb" whenever someone got back to the chatroom. Mind you back then my English wasn't espectacular and even less when it came to English abbreviations and I kept wondering "why is everyone saying "Warner Bros" when someone gets back in?", I eventually sucked it up and asked what it was and because of my original misunderstanding my friend PinkWolf and I say "Warner" to eachother when we get back to our chatting.

The second one was also in that chatroom, I was working on my audition and I couldn't figure Flash buttons out (it was a quite experimental audition for me) so knowing the deadline was getting closer and closer I asked for help on the chatroom; to my surprise Zeurel was there and told me to add him on MSN (oh my gosh MSN talk about a flash from the past) so he'd be able to help me. I had a minipanic scare right there since I didn't realise he was on the chatroom (along with Unknown he was one of the cool animators on the OCT circuit I knew off and I was amazed at by how they managed to make characters move and speak). Hadn't I carelessly asked for help I'd have never got around chatting to him XD (well... maybe eventually just like how it happened with a few other of my friends such as Overshadowed thanks to VikingMera pushing us to stop being nerds chatting through dA notes).

Happy birthday dA! Without you my world wouldn't have had expanded the way it did!



Etna Santacreu
Artist | Student | Varied
Lady Gaga- Request by paramoreSUCKS

Current Residence: 15km away from Barcelona


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