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School - Goat posterization by Fluna
School - Goat posterization
Eventhough we asked our Artistic Drawing teacher not to give us homework during Spring Break, she still gave us something to work on to our demise.

Since we had been working with ink for the past few sessions she wanted for us to posterize a photo (go from grey escale to solely black and white) without the aid of the computer; among the photos taken from Google (many human faces) she picked a llama and a goat, she claimed those would be more difficult to posterize, especially the goat... the challenge and the goat called me, not to mention I was bored from working on the human figure (we had to work on a kind of posterization of a person for another subject).

Here is the result! I'm really happy with the outcome especially since I managed to get it to look exactly as how I wanted *w* I hope the teacher likes the outcome! (I have to turn it in this Friday).

Now that this is out of the way, I can continue on my Artist's Book... sigh... so much X-acto knife and wrist work ahead of me -___- but it's going to look so pretty (I'll snap photos of it once it's complete c: ).

Goat photo reference taken from Google
Done with an ink filled Pentel on a mate Geler paper sheet
School - Character design sketchdump by Fluna
School - Character design sketchdump
At "Projects" class, for four weeks we were given prompts to design characters after.

On the first week we had to do so after one of the six objects our teacher brought to class (I got really mad at the teacher for not allowing me to design an object head, since I have none), on the second week we had to design a character after abyssal creatures and/or carnivore plants, on the third week we were given a name and a short description about the character we had to complete, and on the last week we were given an environment (I picked "lives inside a kuckoo clock").

After those four weeks we had to choose the character that represented our style the best and with it work on expressions and poses (I picked the last character, his name is "Oh Clock"), so we had a "better idea on how the character works" and so we could start thinking on the "posters" we'll have to work on said class and another subject.

I'll show you the "posters" (single colour background, drawn background, a texture (we can't pick this one from the Internet), and a photograph (ditto)) once they are done; they told us we could use a single pose and go with it on all the posters... guess who has planned a different pose for each poster because a single pose is just boring and doesn't tell much about the character? 8'D
School - Giroscope - Leaping Frog
Our Audiovisual's teacher wanted for us to draw a giroscope, turned it in yesterday. He almost submitted it to my account (I had it stashed) when I showed him the gif at class XD;
School - Hands by Fluna
School - Hands
Our Artistic Drawing teacher wanted us to practice hands by drawing 20 of them for homeworks.

I'll look into uploading other school work whenever I can... since it's the only thing I get to draw nowadays *looks forward to the holidays*
Commission - Electric Arcanine Tattoo by Fluna
Commission - Electric Arcanine Tattoo
I could have sworn I had posted this... whoops!

This was a fun commission for Steve-Bandicoot, he wanted me to design an electric Arcanine tattoo inspired by the "crawling tiger" tattoo design. After some back and forth... this is the result!

I'm looking forward to see which tattoo he's going to get, since I know some other artists were involved in this electric adventure and he might pick parts from the different designs and combine them into the ultimate tattoo. I'm really happy he considered me to work on this tattoo!

I'm pretty screwed - Commissions OPEN

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 1, 2014, 2:51 AM

EDIT: thanks to all your help I got to pay those outrageous 570€! <3  (yes... in the end it wasn't 560€) .

Letting you know that commissions will get done at a slower pace now, school is going to take a lot of my free time. Thanks for your understanding and helping me again!

Hello everyone!
It sure has been a long time since I've last posted around here. Between classes (I'm now free!) and OCTs, I've neglected the whole "update once in a while your journal, dang" thing |D;

Anyways, I got admitted into a school to study Illustration, a friend of mine (after I asked) said she was willing to help me out if they allowed me to split the 360€ payment in two.
- Good news: they allow to split the payment in two
- Bad news: it's not 360€ but 560€, apparently they didn't say anywhere you needed to pay extra 200€ for materials.

Needless to say, I'm in need of help to raise all that money, so I'm opening 5 slots:

- Edo-Edi-Essum: three characters (inking)
- FA user: 4 characters cool bg (sketching)

Now, for the rates:

Commissions Sketches by Fluna
- Sketches:
> --Single character: 5$
> --Extra characters: +3$ (can be with the first character or on their own)

Commissions Lineart by Fluna

- Lineart:
> --Single character: 10$
> --Extra characters: +4$ (can be with the first character or on their own)

Many Pokemon drawings by Fluna
- Full colour without background:
> --Single character: 15$
> --Extra characters: +5$ each (can be with the first character or on their own)

Riolu line commissions by Fluna Catbug over grass by FlunaCommission - Siplick - Snave by Fluna

- Full colour with simple background:
> --Single character: 18$
> --Extra characters: +5$ each (have to be with the first character)
> --Extra character (on their own): +8$ the first extra, +5$ the others

Pkmn Collectors - Riolu line sales post by Fluna
- Full colour with a better background:
> --Single character: 24$
> --Extra characters: +5$ each (have to be with the first character)
> --Extra character (on their own): +14$ the first extra, +10$ the others

I can do other stuff that's not Pokémon, I just happen to have drawn a good bunch of mons as of late XD;
Please send me a note if you're interested, I'd really appreciate it!


Etna Santacreu
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Current Residence: 15km away from Barcelona

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